What is style?

What exactly is style?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as:

So then we go onto the next question: Who dictates what is stylish and what is fashion faux pas?

The people of the fashion world turn to countless publications, numerous fashion blogs, and infinite pictures on the interweb to find out what is in and what is out.

However, we here at Kaii think differently.
Although we refer to the same sources, we believe that style is in the eye of the beholder...er in this case, the wearer.

YOU dictate what is stylish for you. Of course, we're not condoning the notion that you can mix neon pink polka dots with green snakeskin pants (ew...*cringes at thought), but rather that you wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. If you believe that you're stylish in one way or another, let it show! Don't be disheartened by what these publications deem as the "Hottest Trends" that don't suit your body shape, or the lack of designer brand goods that drain out your bank account. The most fashionable people are the ones who can just make things work, whether their outfit comes from Target or Neiman Marcus.

Style is a distinctive manner of expression.
So express yourself in a unique, distinctive way, or even play it safe with commonplace outfits that make you look feel good. Because in the end, it's not about what other people think of you. It's all about how much you know and love yourself.

Stay true to being you.

Sincerely, that  friend who keeps it real,

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