Redefining "Street Style"

Street Style Fashion has come to be defined in the haute couture world as the styles seen on the streets around well-known fashion events (i.e. New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, etc.) where the attendees see and are seen based on their notoriety and, mostly, by their attire.

Our "Street Style" Inspirations (L to R) Model Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and Aimee Song (Song of Style)
However, being a Los Angeles-based company, the word "street" is associated with urban culture. So how about we marry the two? We have created a styling guide to help you with incorporating streetwear fashion into your own personal style to give you an urban flair to your wardrobe. Whether you're a true girly-girl or complete tom-boy, we hope that our styling tip will provide you more incentive to try something new.

As you can see by our guides, we have mixed in feminine products such as clutches, dresses, & make-up with more tom-boy/urban objects like sneaker wedges, snapbacks, and beanies. The urban flair is apparent in the accessories presented such as double chain necklaces to be like 2 Chainz! Sorry, that's such a lame reference...but you get the point.

By looking through our style guides, we hope that it will give you more inspiration to create different ensambles that enables you to express yourself in a unique way.

Let us know down in the comments below of what you would like us to style for you next! And remember to follow us below to stay up-to-date with Kaii news, style tips, and featured products:

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