#MusicMonday: "Skin" by Rihanna

#MUSICMONDAY: "Skin" by Rihanna

Today's #MusicMonday features "Skin" by Rihanna. This slow-grindin', baby-makin' music should be everyone's song to get their week started off the right way (if you know what we mean)....and by that we mean showing some skin in a sexy-not-trashy kind of way, of course. 

With fashion, the line between what's sexy versus what's trashy-skanky is extremely thin and may leave many poor girls thinking their hot with only their private areas barely covered. Fashion is an ambiguous yet versatile artform. Sway over to one extreme and you've made an absolute fashion faux-pas. Lean toward both side at an equilibrium and you're the hottest fashionista around. 

We chose Rihanna for Kaii's very first #MusicMonday because (1) her music's dope, (2) she's got mad swag, and (3) she's that perfect mixture of classy femininity, street swagger, and avant-garde eccentricity. Despite the drama surrounding RiRi and her beau, Chris Brown, Rihanna manages to maintain her independence, stay strong, keep calm and carry on. 

Rihanna is THAT girl that every girl wants to be like.
Rihanna is THAT girl that every girl looks up to.
Rihanna is THAT girl that exudes confidence.
Rihanna is THAT girl that is just herself and pretends to be like no one else.
Rihanna is the type of girl that we here at Kaii actually look up to for fashion trends.

So naturally, we have compiled a couple outfits that are inspired by pop diva, Rihanna. These outfit show just enough "Skin" that'll leave others hot with envy. 

We hope that you enjoyed these Rihanna-inspired looks and that it'll inspire you to show some skin every once in a while without crossing that trashy-line. For more info and updates on Kaii, follow the links below to stay in tune with what's hot and what's not.

And always remember: Stay class, never trashy. 

XOXO, that friend you love to hate,

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