Laduree Macaron Colors - Spring Trend Style Tips

Continuing on with our Spring Trends article (read here), we have created a styling guide based on the Laduree Macaron Pastel Color trend. Here we have created complete outfits along side delicious macaron towers that correspond with the color scheme we have chosen.

Think colorful, think pastels, think hungry (for fashion) as you look through our style guide along with each style tip.

Myrtille (Blueberry) & Pétale de Rose (Rose Petal)

It's time to smell the roses! By that, we mean it's time to start wearing rose gold again! The pink-ish hue in rose gold is a spring must-have! Stray away from the traditional silver and gold, and add a girly-pink touch to your wardrobe. Balance it out by colorblocking with dusty blue (or any shade of blue for that matter) to give the whole "Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys" myth to shame. For this blueberry and rose macaron outfit featuring Kaii's asymmetrical ruffled blouse and high-waisted shorts, we have decked it out with rose gold accessories including rose gold tulip shaped earrings (how fitting for the season!), and blue Steve Madden strappy heels to match the rose gold/blue Michael Kors watch. Color coordinating everything to be the same shades of color may be too pink and blue for some, but for those who are afraid to venture into colorblocking, this is a great guide to help you dress in contrasting colors. For those select few that think this is overwhelmingly pink and blue, add a rose-gold-buckled white belt to the shorts to give it a refreshing, white touch. Although accessories are not always necessary, they are essential in making your outfit go above and beyond. Finish off the outfit with royal blue nail polish and classic pink lipstick as the icing (or filling) on the macaron.

Vanille (Vanilla) & Citron (Lemon)

Vanilla, despite its delicious and universal likeability, can be a bit bland, boring, and...well...just plain vanilla. So we've decided to flavor-balance both the macarons and outfit with some citrusy, lemony yellow. By mixing eccentric sour with traditional sweet, we've added a rocker edginess to Kaii's shoulder studded dress with Alexander Wang's neon yellow Rocco bag and killer Jeffrey Campbell cut-out boots reminiscent of Versace's Spring 2013 runway shoes. We kept it simple with accessories by stacking bracelets on one arm; wearing a wrap-around bracelet on the other; donning a simple House of Harlow necklace; putting on neon banded rings and cross earrings. Add another neon touch by applying neon yellow nail polish and keep your lips simple with a peachy nude lipstick. This outfit is a classic case in which your accessories are the statement-makers. So if the neon is too much for those faint of heart, tone down the colors or keep it simple black, white, and nude where the attention falls down to the clothes (particularly on the studs and lace).

Pistache (Pistachio) & Framboise (Raspberry)

The buttery, nutty flavor of pistachio with the fruity, tart flavor of raspberry create a great contrast both in terms of flavor and color. For this pistache & framboise inspired wardrobe, we paired Kaii's sage green top and black rope tied shorts with these amazing, beautiful, chic, and did we mention AMAZING pair of Tom Ford lace-up platform sandals that we are currently obsessed with. After we saw Rihanna and Kim Kardashian wear these, we knew immediately that we had to incorporate these bad boys into an outfit sooner or later. Luckily, this outfit was perfect for them. These lace-up sandals go great with this top and shorts, paired with Topshop bowler hat, pistachio green nail polish, Michele gold watch, and Tom Ford black leather ruched chain strap clutch. To add the finishing, contrasting touch, we suggesting puckering up with NARS lip lacquer in hot wired fuchsia.

Fleur d' Oranger (Orange Blossom)

We heart Tiffany & Co. and macarons! This outfit will have you returning back to Tiffany's and Laduree for more orange blossom macarons and heart-shaped jewelry. This outfit features pastel peach, mint, blue, and beige that embodies spring neutrals that can brighten even the cloudiest of spring days. Tuck in this lace & waffle-detailed top into these high-waisted tweed shorts, paired with Jeffrey Campbell strappy Koons for a refreshing look that'll elongate your legs and cinch your waist in the most flattering way. Even if you can't afford the ridiculously pricey Hermes Birkin bag, you can find a similar kind of bag in a nude or beige color to match. Keep your lips simple and flirty with Smashbox's lip enhancing lipgloss in sheer pastel pink to complete this Pretty-in-Pastel look. This is the ultimate girly-girl ensamble that's a perfect go-to option for a warm sunny afternoon or lunch date. 

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