Throwback Thursday Instagram Updates!

As part of #ThrowbackThursday, here are our most recent posts on Instagram. Follow us here @ShopKaii.

#TuesdaySnoozeday means putting together an #outfit that's both comfortable and effortless without spending too much time, like pairing #Kaii's long-sleeve printed tunic in mustard yellow and multicolor blue/green with simple black tights and olive boots. How do you stay très chic on #SnoozedayTuesday?

#ThirstyThursday in the office! We're chugging lots of coffee to fuel through the busy day. #CoffeeArt inspired by our boss, @misterkye. See the resemblance through the mustache? :P #fun #officelife #goodmorning

#FashionFriday! Check out our blog post on the top #springfashion #trends here. What trend will you incorporate this season?

I <3 #MusicMonday!

New on the blog: "Stripes & Playful Chanel Bags"! Check out the versatile outfits we put together to match one of the hottest clutch bags of the season. #chanel #styling #ootd #fashioninspiration
Link to blog post here

Check out our "Flower Power" blog post here

Check out our "Flower Power" styling guide here

Got diamonds on my shirt, and chains on my sneakers. We've mixed hood with feminine chic to bring you the LA kind of streetstyle. If you haven't already, read the post here.

#TypicalTuesday in the office means Starbucks, Facebook, and blogging. 

Our Macaron-inspired outfit style guide with in-depth tips! Read the blog post here. Which macaron look is your favorite?

#ThrowbackThursday: Our designer & marketing coordinator playing dress up at work & trying on our maxi dresses before our first Lookbook photoshoot! 

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