Music Festival & Night-Out Ready in Cropped Tops, High-waisted Bottoms, and Vests

With Coachella just around the corner, fringed tops, crop tops, and hippie attire seems to be the norm. But why be the "norm"? Be different by dressing up rather than dressing down, by this we mean dressing up your bottoms with high-waisted bottoms to hide any imperfections you have on your stomach (hey, at least we're being honest, right?). These style guides double as inspiration for your night out or as your music festival wardrobe, which in the latter case, heels are optional. The theme of today's style guides are cropped bralettes, high-waisted bottoms and vests. Steer clear away from looking too exposed and revealing too much by opting to cover up with a vest and high-waisted bottoms that cover most of your exposed stomach. You bare your arms and a little bit of the tummy, showing just enough skin to look sexy and cool under the hot sun. If the modern "music festival style" is a little too..well...trashy and hippie for your refined, classy chic taste, find inspiration through our style guides! Also always remember to just be you and to dress in a way that represents you the best; not what the media deems as the "proper attire" for such events. For the worst Coachella fashion, check out this funny article here.

On a Fashion Hunt - The Chic Hunter
Body: Olive Green Oversized Military Double-Breasted Vest, Natural Nude Crochet Cropped Bralette, Mint Gold High-Waisted Shorts // Kaii
Legs: Pretty Polly Suspender Tights // Topshop
Neck: Gilded Brass Multichain Necklace // Giuseppe Zanotti
Ears: Alchemia Bullet Earrings // Charles Albert
Wrists: Rockstud Cuff Bracelet // Valentino (top), Bullet Cuff // Jennifer Fisher (bottom)
Nails: Smokey Pastels Nail Color in soft coral // Julep
Lips: Monica Voluptuous Lipstick in warm red // Dolce & Gabbana
Bag: Dark Green Suede & Orange Pony Hair Clutch // Celine
Feet: Hellbound // UNIF
Our olive green military double-breasted vest defined the overall look of this outfit. Paired with Kaii's girly crochet bralette and mint gold high-waisted shorts (also shown here), this look is what we call the "Chic Hunter". Going with the military theme, we accessorized this outfit with gold chains, bullet earrings, a bullet cuff, and clear-cuffed Valentino stud bracelet to add a killer edgy illusion. These UNIF Hellbound heels with suspender tights from Topshop pushes the ensamble toward the edge of chic edginess, providing the girly cropped top and shorts a different vibe and leaving more room for versatility. While putting this outfit together, we found the perfect color-blocked clutch from Celine that gives it that added pop of color. The orange nail polish brings in the bag with the clothes and adds a little funkiness to the outfit. For an extra pop of color, pout your lips with a warm red lipstick with an orangey hue to really make you stand out from the music crowd. For our readers who intend on using this outfit for your Coachella experience, replace these platform heels with mid-calf combat boots, thus completing your killer chic hunter look.

Dripping in Gold & Chanel
Body: Lo-Hi Cross-crossed Back Vest in Camel Brown, Black Crochet Cropped Bralette, Black Beaded Bottom Shorts // KaiiEars: Vintage Chanel Earrings // ChanelFinger: Gold-plated Resin Rose Ring // Oscar de la RentaNeck: Multi-Strand Faux Pearl Necklace // Kenneth Jay LaneBrooch: Textured Chanel Motif Tassel Brooch // ChanelWrists: Classique Charricol Bracelet & Miki 18-Karat Gold Plated Rope Bracelet // Aurélie BidermannLips: Love Me Be Legendary Lipstick in Love Me Red // SmashboxNails: Nail Lacquer in opaque heavy metal gold // Obsessive Compulsive CosmeticsBag: Black Quilted Lambskin Westminster Flap Bag // ChanelFeet: The Dolly Leather Platform Pumps // Charlotte Olympia
"Here's a toast to the ladies with class" and to the ladies who adore Chanel and classic femininity. The black crochet cropped top (same as the top in the Chic Hunter outfit above) matched with these high-waisted beaded-bottom shorts. This vest has an open back that will still leave room for you to show your midriff, especially if you've been working hard on your bod for Coachella weekend. If the typical hippie fashion is not up your alley, class up the environment with some fabulous pearls and walk into the crowd drippin' in gold and mad swagger. This outfit doubles greatly as your outfit for a warm night out if you're not attending Coachella, which in that case the heels are an absolute must. However, if you are going to be walking and dancing for a whole weekend straight without end, we would suggest pairing this outfit in some metallic gold Toms, camel brown heelless booties or simple black flats. Wherever you may be this weekend, we hope you embody this outfit and bring the class up wherever you go.

Alexander McQueen is My Hero
Vest & Crop top: Black Racerback Vest & Leather Detail Bralette Cropped Top // Kaii
Jeans: Moto Striped Leigh Jeans // Topshop
Neck: Rope Necklace // Club Monaco
Ears: Skull Earrings // Iosselliani
Fingers: Skull Link Nail Ring (left) // Topshop & Zebra Enameled Crystal Ring // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Lips: Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in fiery deep red // Stila
Nails: Jewelry Top Coats in Be-Claus I Said So // Sephora by O.P.I.
Wrists (left side stack; top to bottom): Embroidered leather bracelet // Maria Rudman, Silver-tone Swarovski crystal skull bracelet // Alexander McQueen, Cross Cuff // Jules Smith, & Enameled skull bangle // Alexander McQueen
Watch: Karl Zip studded leather watch // Karl Lagerfeld
Bag: Skull Clutch Bag // Alexander McQueen
Feet: Slingback Specchio Pumps // Giambattista Valli

Mankind has learned time and time again that humans cannot predict mother nature. So if Coachella land turns out to be a lot colder than expected, cover up your stomach while still showing those abs by wearing high-waisted jeans. We've paired our leather detail bralette with a black racerback cut-out vest and striped jeans. We would suggest any kind of high-waisted jeans ranging from dark wash to light wash to even gray stone washed jeans. As an hommage to one of our favorite designers (Alexander McQueen), we chose to style it with lots and lots of skulls--McQueen's trademark fiend. When you're surrounded by free-spirited indie kids dressed like native indians with Native American headdresses and face paint ( as seen here), why go with the crowd and be "normal" when you can stay tres chic with skulls? Let your inner chic goth side come out by accessorizing with black and white bangles, Karl Lagerfield zip watch (that you can actually detach to form two leather bracelets), and bright red lipstick. Just because you like skulls and are vamped up to look like you're Dracula's mcQueen (you see what we did there?) doesn't mean you can't be a free spirit too! Heck, even dressing up this way at any music festival shows how free spirited you really are by going against the "normal" dress code. Like we stated before, class up the place! Say no to wearing only pasties (ew...), say no to the cliché flower-in-your-hair look (ugh, so overplayed), and most definitely say no to hobo boho (

We wish everyone a great time at Coachella or wherever you will be this weekend. We hope you enjoyed our style guides and our somewhat-non-objective evaluation of the typical music festival styles. Whether you'll be out in the fields crowd surfing to your favorite band/DJ, dancing your feet off at a local club, or just spending a night out galavanting and wrecking havoc around town, we hope BEG you to always keep it classy and never trashy. 

XOXO, your honest friend,
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