Hate & Love To Say It...But We Told You So

Apparently most of you did not get the Kaii memo on Coachella and have become part of the fringed, peace-loving, flower child Coachella-er epidemic. We have heeded our warning against going with the stereotypical music festival go-er in our post here, but it seems like the epidemic may be too strong to contain. Not that we're complaining... (well kinda sorta).

As a recap of Coachella Weekend #1, we have compiled a photo library of the bad, the good, and the "wtf were they thinking" moments of Coachella street style.

The Bad:

Annual Coachella-er Paris Hilton did well with the choice of blue, but her resort wear paired with that blue daisy headband says that she's got the indie-hipster-wannabe blues. 

Come on girl, I know you're at Coachella and all, but...come on. You ain't Tupac! (Nice sunnies though.)

Nothing says more "I'm not mainstream" than a shirt that says no to you and no to being fashionably adept. Wait...what? Her distracting attempt of collaborating typical daisies with a fedora has her on our "The Bad" list.

Peace sign shirt, check. Chucks, check. Trendy snapback, check. Awkwardly ripped jeans, check. Different colored hair parts, check. This, ladies & gentlemen, is the typical Coachella-er.

Nothing screams American pride like an American flag bandana tied like Tupac, matching DIY fringed American flag shirt, heart-shaped sunnies, fringed crossbody bag, and short shorts. One word: OVERPLAYED! 

The Good:

This is chic Coachella fashion! We're in love with the modest lace dress with an intricately patterned jacket. Clean, modest, and chic. This is Coachella fashion done right.

Classic pin-up girl look is a great different take on the typical Coachella-er street style. 

Boho done right! Cropped top with a long dress underneath. This made it onto our "The Good" list because of the innovative knot on the side. 

This is the only outfit that we deemed acceptable to wear heart-shaped sunnies with. That lace umbrella is a great touch to her all-white ensamble. This is lace done right as opposed to the complete-see-through-I-can-see-your-bra-and-everything-else type of lace outfit.

Oversized circle sunglasses seemed to also make its way into the typical Coachella fashion trends that has been way overplayed, but paired with this sassy houndstooth cropped top and leather skirt, we'll make another exception. 

Alexa Chung keeps it mod and chic in this peter pan collared dress. Cute, flirty, and timeless. She's changed up the Coachella street style game.

Without that kimono jacket over, this would have easily gone into our overplayed list. However, since she did add it onto her ensamble, this girl gets a spot on "The Good" list. This desert serpent look gets the Kaii seal of approval.

The WTF Were They Thinking?!

Omgoodness Carmen Electra...Biker chick jacket? Bandana?? Cornrows?!?? WTF were you thinking?!

Because accessorizing with one flower embellished item wasn't enough, this girl chose to wear flowers on her head AND her eyebrows. The flowers don't even compliment each other! WTF were you thinking?!

Oddly colored hair, non-color coordinated outfits, and weird bull skull jewelry...yeah...No descriptions needed. I'm sure you all are thinking the same thing (WTF?!)

(Referring to the hair on the girl on the left): WTF. That hairdo will NEVER come back in style.

All in all, we mean no harm in this post. It's just a humorous commentary on what goes on in the music festival scene that many fashion corporations have deemed as being vital to their fashion lines. The Coachella music scene has sprung up a lot of different fashion styles that allows people to liberate themselves and dress in any way they please without the fear of judgment. However, this has become a double-edged sword in itself. With fashion companies jumping into the scene trying to market their lines for consumers to get "music festival ready" in their respective clothing lines, criticisms will ensue and people will be judged on how they dress, regardless of the scene's original ways. Additionally, there is now a "typical Coachella" way of dressing for such events that actually limits what people can and want to wear, just to fit in with the rest.
But who are we to say such things? Afterall, we did do a post on how you should dress for Coachella (here). At least we chose to go down a different route. *wink

XOXO, your opinionated friend,

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(Images from Fashionista, Vogue, Fashion Magazine, & Telegraph UK)

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