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As we feel the warm sun peeking through the cloudy skies and onto our backs, we start feeling the need for shorter pants and dresses. Los Angeles has been exceptionally beautiful throughout this week and as a hommage to the great weather, we're taking advantage by posting another style guide Spring/Summer edition! Check out our guides below and our styling tips behind each ensamble. So wherever you may be, whether you get to feel some of that spring/summer warmth or not, we bring the Cali summer style to you featuring Kaii's very own sundresses paired with some awesome wedges.

Body: Contrast Waist-Banded Lace Short Sleeve Dress // Kaii
Neck: Flo Peter Pan Collar Necklace // Anarchy Street
Suggested Hairstyle: Bow Bun
Hair: Mini Flower & Spike Headband // Topshop
Wrists: Large Faceted Glass Bezel Watch // Skagen
Pretty Spike Bracelet & Fine Spike Bracelet // Topshop
Double Leather Wrap Skull Bracelet // Anarchy Street
Fingers: 'XOXO' Rings set // Topshop & Arty Gold-Plated Glass Ring // Saint Laurent
Bag: Morley Snake Box Clutch // Kotur
Feet: Ballet Platform // Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox

This flirty lace dress in pink is thee perfect sundress to go galavanting around town in on a warm sunny day. To give it that extra feminine touch, we paired this cute dress with peter pan collar necklace, with a suggested bow bun hairstyle, and with Barbie-like ballet platforms from Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox. This outfit gives off a girly-girl feel from the dress and shoes, but also gives it that edgy punch from the accessories. (Read "How to Accessorize 101") The spiked bangles, the skull leather bracelet, and the python printed clutch makes the outfit go from "a little too girly pretty-in-pink" to "the perfect amount of chic girly". If the ballet platforms are a little too much for you, pair this outfit with a pair of combat boots or strappy heels; whichever matches your mood and you the best. Alter our style guides to fit your own personal style! But always remember that a successful outfit is all about balance.

Body: Strapless Floral Maxi Dress // Kaii
Suggested hairstyle: Bohemian Braid Bun
Neck: Hammered Gold-Plated Leaf Necklace // Oscar de la Renta
Ears: Teardrop Earrings in Gold & Aqua Chalcedony // Argento Vivo
Wrists: Ainsley Cuff Bracelet in Gold // Kendra Scott
Lips: Cherry Full Color Gloss in sheer milky pink // Korres
Nails: Nail Varnish in pale opal green iridescent // Illamasqua
Bag: Deneuve Large Straw Tote // Michael Kors
Feet: Zip-detailed Leather Wedge Sandals // Givenchy
This outfit is the ideal outfit to wear out to the beach. This floral strapless maxi dress from Kaii features a leather waist tie that gives you that feminine silhouette, and has high side slits that gives you room to show some leg. In accordance to the theme of this blog post, we have paired this floral dress with Givenchy wedges, so that when you decide to show some leg, you can show them in these gorgeous nude wedges. Going with the floral theme, we paired the outfit with a gold leaf necklace that is both bold and subtle, and a pair of filigree printed Kendra Scott cuffs for a bold minimalistic look. The gold and aqua chalcedony earrings are also a subtle touch of contrasting color and the iridescent quality of the chalcedony stone goes well with the pale opal green iridescent nail polish. The dress itself has hints of green, and naturally, flowers go well with green because of its natural state in nature. So using green with pink-hued floral prints is like replicating something in nature. This natural feel is completed with the Michael Kors straw tote, which doubles as the perfect beach bag as well as the perfect complement for your beach attire. Wear your hair in a semi-messy bohemian braid bun to complete this relaxed, resort-vibe ensamble.

Body: Tulip Sleeved Dress // Kaii
Neck: Polished Philo Choker in Hammered Gold // Anarchy Street
Wrists: Leather Wrap Bracelet // Cara
Bag: Textured-leather Envelope Clutch // Valextra
Lips: Lipstick in Sexual Healing (metallic peachy rose) // NARS
Nails: Nail Varnish in Venous (bold blue green) // Illamasqua
Feet: Damsel Spike Gold // Jeffrey Campbell

As stated in our blog post on "How to Accessorize 101", if you're wearing a plain outfit, doll it up with accessories to make your plain-Jane outfit achieve that 'Wow' factor. This simple tulip sleeved dress from Kaii is a bold teal green and stands out by itself without any help. However, the bold color is not only the perfect Spring go-to color, but also the perfect teal green canvas to paint on with any complementing color. We chose to color block this teal green dress with an orange envelope clutch bag from Valextra, and give it yet another edgy punch with Jeffrey Campbell's Damsel Spike wedges. The shoes instantly make the outfit go from "Oh-that's-a-cute-outfit" to Holy-crap-I want-your-entire-outfit-right-now-Hand-over-those-shoes"-worthy. Keep it feminine chic with a side ballerina bun for an added elegance in addition to a simple gold choker necklace. We kept the accessories fairly simple with an armparty featuring a mixture of textures to keep things interesting and balanced. Going to the tips of your fingers, we suggest bringing in that teal green again with bold blue green nail polish. Since there's a lot of color blocking going on, there's no need to overdo it with brightly colored lipstick. So keep your face and lips simple with metallic peachy rose lipstick. 

Balance is the key to our style guides. When we come up with these ensambles for you, we want you to see our ensambles as guides, not as set-in-stone rules. We use high-end products that probably would break the bank for most, but we only do it because we want to promote quality. However, we are aware that there are tons of similar products out there that are not as expensive, and we encourage you to seek out those things for your own sake. But we must remind you that you cannot replace quality. Our clothes at Kaii are cut with better fabrics, made to fit better, and is true quality products. So our blog posts must feature quality content as well, right? We bring you these style guides to help you find your own style; to figure out what would look good together so that you can incorporate our suggestions into your daily outfits. 
So on behalf of our family at Kaii, we would like to thank you for visiting our blog!

Have fun this spring/summer by playing with colors and by trying new things! Stay flirty in sundresses and wedges this season, and thanks again for stopping by!

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