It's a Black on Black Spring for AFW

Black will always be the new black. It's a color that's timeless, elegant, versatile, and not to mention, slimming. During Amsterdam's Fashion Week, we have seen various vibrant hues, fabrics, and prints, but many designers kept it simple by using black as their main color.

Michelangelo Wicklaar Spring Summer 2013 Amsterdam Fashion Week
Spring is the beginning of warmth, spring flower blossoms, and rain, which Michelangelo Wicklaar and Tonycohen has prepared for with their black-dominated wardrobes. This dark take on spring summer couture has resulted in timeless elegance that this universal color has encompassed that's always trés chic.

Michelangelo Wicklaar
It's as if the plants of a mystical, mysterious labyrinth have risen into haute couture with models silenced with an intricate black rose stencil tape; dripping in metallic olive greens, grays, and blacks in Michelangelo Wicklaar's Spring Summer 2013 line. Models with bright complexions contrasted with the dark clothes and rose mouth masks that made them look like undead flower fairies with haunting gazes and upmost poise. The line presented lots of sheer fabrics that contrasted with sequin, satin, and silk, giving Michelangelo Wicklaar's fashion line a dark yet enticing spring look that any woman can use as fashion inspiration for her upcoming it's-cold-AND-warm-outside wardrobes. Californians, you know what I'm talking about.

TONYCOHEN Spring Summer 2013 AFW
Tony Cohen's line featured timeless silhouettes that feature tight-loose shawls, different fabrics to accentuate textures, and slim fitting leather pants. For his black-on-black ensambles, Tony Cohen accentuated each outfit with differing textures that doesn't leave the eye bored with the monotonic color. Using both loose and tight fitting silhouettes, the TONYCOHEN luxury couture line displayed many ready-to-wear ensambles that is mosdef trés chic. With skinny leather belts fashioned like an off-centered obi belt, the clothes accentuated the hips and any womanly figure. Leather also added a nice flair to the outfits giving the look a sleek, shiny, wet look. With Tony Cohen's use of fur, leather, satin, mesh, and sheer fabrics as his arsenal, and his knowledge of the way fabric folds as his attack plan, TONYCOHEN is a designer we'll definitely keep our eyes on for more fashion inspiration.

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{Image sources: Team Peter Stigter}

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