The Fashion-Forward First Lady

It seems as though the 2013 Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama's second term in office has everyone talking, and it's not about Barack. The fashion-forward First Lady has everyone gawking at her relatable fashion choices, her stunning new hairdo, and her great outfit ensamble from the Inauguration Parade to the Inauguration Ball. 

During the Presidential Inauguration, Michelle Obama was seen wearing an elegantly tailored Thom Browne's navy jacquard coat, adorned with a rhinestone sash from J. Crew, and paired with purple gloves that give the outfit a dazzling pop of color. 

Michelle's gloves corresponded with her daughters' fashion choices as well. The family looked in-step with one another as they walked toward their father's inauguration, dressed in different shades of purple. Malia Obama dressed in a plum-colored J. Crew coat that matched her mother's gloves and the First Lady's elegance. The youngest Obama, Sasha, had on a Kate Spade coat in a shade of purple that matches her youth and innocence. (As innocent as Barney the dinosaur?)


As for the Inauguration Ball, the crowd was abuzz with Michelle's choice to wear Jason Wu's designs for the second time. The center picture (directly above) displays the Inauguration Ball gown from 2009 along with the designer, Jason Wu. The 30-year-old NYC based designer was catapulted into the fashion world by Michelle Obama when she chose Jason Wu's floor length white chiffon gown for her first inauguration ball. His gown is now displayed at the Smithsonian's First Ladies Collection.

From beginning to end, the Obama's got it down in terms of style. From church, to the parade, to the ball, Michelle Obama exhibits great FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) duties through impeccable style. Michelle's fashion choices, such as the rhinestone belt, demonstrates the First Lady's trendy abilities that definitely put her on the forefront of American fashion. Afterall, the role of the FLOTUS is to set the tone for the ideal American family, to reflect the time they live in, and to shape the generation in some way. 
Let's just say, she's done all that and more with great elegance and style. 

{Image source: +Getty Images }

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