Spring/Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week

Mercedez Benz/New York Fashion Week (NYFW) seems to get bigger and bigger every year and this year's fashion content is, frankly, a bit overwhelming. From the blow-up of social media outlets and the immense amount of fashion bloggers present at each show, it's hard to keep up with the upcoming trends. So...where do we start?

Cropped tops are still hot, new age plaid is in, and matching two piece suits have come out of the 70's with a mod taste. Stripes, sharp lines, and curves all alike, there is no concise way of compiling all the trends. So for our recap of NYFW, we present to you our Part 1 S/S 2014 Runway Report that will summarize our top designer picks from the runway. Stay tuned for Part 2 that will focus more on the upcoming trends for next spring/summer.


It seemed like the theme of this season's Alexander Wang's runway show was his logo and skin. Leather was lasercut to form cable-knit patterns that spelled out "Alexander Wang". It seems as though Wang has jumped on Marc Jacob's sleepwear/RTW trend reminiscent from Louis Vuitton's Fall 2013 collection. From simple button-up shirts buttoned up only at the top so you can "lean like a cholo" in poplin smocks to (what we called "pixelated") white strappy dress with "Alexander Wang" printed all over, this line screamed Wang's signature ready-to-wear-street style. It's great that Alexander Wang has come to the point in his career where his name has recognition on its own.


If we could crown two queens of ready-to-wear fashion, it would be to Alice + Olivia. As stated by designer Stacey Bendet, "Pretty in Prep" was a great way to sum up the line. We adore the line's sense of style and each outfit's styling was impeccable at their presentation at Highline Stages. Romantic lace, floor-length printed maxi dresses, collarless blazers, printed pantsuits, cropped tops, and leather pants, there was nothing we didn't like about this line! One of our favorite looks was the (what looked like bamboo leaf) printed pantsuit. Paired with yellow heels, we couldn't help but love the rest of the line! The line was season appropriate and ever-so effortless chic. Although the collection was mostly neutral in color, some of the color trends we saw from this line were: red, yellow, seafoam mint, and hints of blue. But what won us over? That pantsuit that we cannot stop raving about!!


"Undone glamour" would be a great way to sum up Altuzarra's line since the line featured open neck blouses paired with high-slit sleek skirts...and ponchos?! What?!? Leather-lined satiny ponchos with horizontal lines stacked along the bottom made even the most challenging of fashion statements look sleek and chic. However, free-hanging tassels hanging from sleek skirts seemed to detract away from the sleek aspect of the line, but added a little flair to steer it away from being plain and boring. One of our favorite looks of the line was a denim-patch-like blouse with a silky white high-slit skirt. Sophisticated, sexy, delicate, and soooo sleek. We loved it!


Mixing prints is the name of the game, and it's one that BCBG was a great competitor in. Sheer paneled outfits that showed the underlying skin along with flowy silhouettes made the BCBG's Spring/Summer 2014 show quite season-appropriate. Mixed floral prints were most eye-catching among the flowy sea of neutrals including whites, chambrays, blushes, and blacks, all with some-what traditional silhouettes of trousers, loose shirts, shirtdresses, and blazers. What would have been a rather mundane line was revamped with a modern twist with the great use of sheer inserts.


Ombre fabric, 3-D floral embellishments, watercolor flowers, and clean silhouettes, Bibhu Mohapatra painted for us a budding floral spring in his fourth season. The use of pleats and cutouts were representative of nature and often reminded us of monarch butterflies. Among our favorites were his evening gowns and pieces that displayed architectural lines that, as stated earlier, reminded us of monarch butterfly wings. Watercolor Indian flowers dominated the line and were most eye-catching, which made his line pop and stand out. There were so many pieces we adored that we couldn't pick just one!


DVF's show could have easily been themed after a fashion safari with a mixture of zebra, beehive, and leopard prints . Despite silhouettes that were skewed for the missy clientele, the line was lively and fairly young. DVF apparently got the NYFW trend memo and used cropped tops in her line as well, but with bold snakeskin/leopard prints. Metallics were used for entire pieces and seamlessly fit in beautifully with the overall theme of this season's line. A golden safari? We think yes! Most memorable, however, was a tunic dress that had the African safari landscape colorblocked with a silhouette of a proud lion imprinted, which the designer wore herself at the closing of the show.


Cropped tops dominated Australian designer, Dion Lee's, collection that were reminiscent of Balenciaga's 2013 RTW cropped tops that dominated the fashion market after it's showing in Paris last year. Despite some of the line's "common" (and we mean that in the best, fashionable way possible) pieces, there were ensembles that we questioned its true ready-to-wearability for the common people. For an example, the upside U-shaped cropped tops were far too avant-garde to be considered fashionable, and other revealing tops that circled around the breasts and cross cross around the neck and stomach were a little WTF-worthy (not that it's all bad). But let's be honest, the line's large use of that swirly-boob cropped top was noteworthy and actually started growing on us. What did you think of this designer's line? Is that swirly cropped top a yay or nay?


Jason Wu can make more than red carpet-worthy dresses! This spring 2014 RTW collection was metallic and shimmery with relaxed (night)gowns, fitted separates, and safari-esque pieces. This spring collection demonstrated balance through segueing from relaxed to fitted, then back to relaxed again. Jason Wu seems to have followed suit with Louis Vuitton's Fall 2013 RTW show, and was shown in a way that made them seem like they're good enough to wear in your sleep! These elegant, dainty dresses were worn under long trench coats, which demonstrated the ready-to-wearability of the dainty pieces. Fitted trousers, double-leg-slit dresses, occasional lace inserts, oversized pockets on safari shirts, and fitted sweaters over glittery midi skirts, the line screamed comfy chic and the actual demonstration of how to tone down the sleepwear-ness of the dresses was a huge plus.


If parisian preppy chic wasn't a thing before, it is now. A mixture of Paris, the Hamptons, and New York, "Parisian preppy chic" can easily be the best encapsulation of Kate Spade's Spring 2014 showing. From the grassy background to the bright pops of color throughout, we fell in love with Kate Spade even more. Deep sky blues, red, limon/lemon, whites and blacks dominated the collection and it was all done with sophistication with a quirky twist (typical Kate Spade). Cocktail dress with wide skirts created an uptown hamptons look, while tie-dye/watercolor technicolor skirts, pants, and tops were strategically placed among boldly colorblocked and monochromic ensembles to give your eyes the occasional break from the color overload. Never has a designer line created the need for visors like Kate Spade's collection did.


If the women of Mad Men got a modern wardrobe update and were on their way to an exotic resort, they'd be wearing Michael Kor's Spring 2014 collection. This season's line had a retro ladylike feel with crocheted pieces, leafy floral prints, print cropped tops with matching high-waisted shorts, extra long or wide waist belts, chunky platform heels, and super cute swimwear. Models dressed from head to toe in bold prints: Groundbreaking? No. Chic? Of course! The spring collection transitioned seamlessly from a businesswoman-on-a-resort-vacation feel to evening dresses with low necklines and keyhole cutouts. The line's palette consisted of browns, whites, ivy green, chambrays, and greys, all with flowy silhouettes that gave birth to fluid movements with every step. And although MK may have played it safe with this line, the line was nothing short of beautiful.


Minimalistic at its best, Narciso Rodriguez's Spring 2014 collection has something every girl would kill to have in her closet. Asymmetrical skirt hemlines, high skirt slits, trailing trains on strapless dresses, angular colorblocking, and cropped tops. There is absolutely nothing to hate on in this collection! From the minimalistic runway to the super ready-to-wearable designs, Narciso Rodriguez is easily our number one pick for this season's top runway show. High-neck dresses reminiscent of traditional Chinese frocks were updated to modern trends with an overlapping asymmetrical skirt to give each look a unique twist (literally), steering it clear from becoming mundane. And yes, it was all season appropriate too. Colorblocked cropped tops and high thigh skirt slits showed just enough skin, while the mixture of shine, texture, and Pointillism-esque embroideries provided just enough points of interest to gain attention (that is well deserved). Overall, the collection was precisely constructed, auspiciously trendy, and subtly sexy.


Floral printed over polka dots? GENIUS! Why hasn't this blown up on our trend radar yet?! It seemed that Oscar de la Renta was into repetitive patterns this season from an updated take on houndstooth to polka dots to gingham check prints to damask to...need us to say more?
Look through the photos to see spring blossom in front of your eyes!

So there are our top picks from New York Fashion Week to help you sift through the overwhelming fashion clutter and see it all here at one time. Remember to come back here on our blog to see our Spring 2014 Trend Forecast in Pt. 2 and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more on London Fashion Week!

{image source: The Cut}

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