WWD Magic 2013 Recap

WWD Magic.
Las Vegas.
Kaii’s First Line Launch.

Needless to say, Kaii’s time in WWD’s Magic Trade Show was a great hit with the buyers and with the people! We want to thank all those people who stopped by our booth. You made our first experience at Magic Market Week that much more enjoyable!

Kaii's WWDMagic Booth

We also would like to thank +WWDMAGIC for featuring us in their "Fresh Faces" article in WWD's February 19, 2013 newsletter! The exposure was extremely helpful, and we couldn't ask for more as a new brand. 

WWD's "Fresh Faces" article (2/19/13) featuring Kaii
For a launching brand, we received great feedback from the attendees such as fashion-lawyer-turned-fashion-blogger Jenny Wu (goodbadandfab.com), and even was asked to be featured again to give insight on this year's fall fashion trends! 

Jenny Wu's Instagram Photo featuring Kaii's Maxi Dress (on the left behind the sweater)

WWDMagic was a great learning experience for our brand and has created vast opportunities to grow upon. The Las Vegas Convention Center was massive, filled with thousands of brands attending, and yet we have managed to make our mark with the fashionable people who attended and with the host, WWD. 

K1147 - Navy Blue Dress with Free-hanging Chains - One of our Top 10 Best Sellers
All-in-all, the experience was very humbling and exciting. We were very fortunate to attain a great spot (right on the center red carpet walkway) and we couldn't be more grateful for our great booth designer and our hard-working staff. We appreciated all the feedback we received and will take every word to heart in advancing our line to be better for you guys. So please leave your comments below or on our other social media pages to let us know what looks you like, and which ones you don't like. We would love to hear what you guys think! 

Also, we have recently hit 100+ likes on our Facebook page and are ecstatic about it! 
We love you all, and once again, thank you for all the support!!

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