Back to the Basics

If you have been following us on Instagram and Facebook, wait no more! Our blog post is finally up! (Sorry for the lag, everyone. We wanted to hype it up!) This blog post is titled, "Back to the Basics" because it's centered around a piece of clothing that almost every girl (and guy) has in their closet--a basic white button-up shirt. For this blog post, we've used our white pleated collar sleeveless white shirt. The pleated collar gives it that ribbon-like appearance and is ever-so elegant and versatile. So for our style guides, we get down to the essentials and show you how you can style your basic white button-ups in an infinite number of ways. But for your sake, we've limited it to only five. So the next time you stare at your full closet thinking, "I have nothing to wear!" remember all the tips we give you to make your white shirt go from plain to holy-crap-why-didnt-i-think-of-this-outfit-before!

Simple black and white, with a pop of orange is a great go-to outfit that's not only easy to do, but also easy to alter. If orange isn't your color, switch it out for anything else, just make sure to add that pop of color throughout your accessories, like how we did with the earrings, bracelet, nails, and lips. We paired the white shirt with a double-slit maxi skirt in black, keeping it simple, and let the accessories do all the talking. Due to the detailed pleated collar, we didn't add a necklace to let that collar shine through. We love the combination of orange, black, gold, and white. Something about it is different and adds a little touch of freshness from the orange, but beware! Add just a tad too much orange into the ensamble and you'll end up looking like Halloween. Complete the whole look with gold accented ankle strap heels to give it that fresh sophisticated look.

Cute and flirty in purple pink, this outfit is a great daytime outfit that you can put together easily. The great thing about white shirts is that it literally matches with absolutely everything, anytime and for anywhere. With Kaii's laser-cut skirt in a plum-y ox blood color, this look goes great paired with rose gold accessories giving it that cute girly, flirty feel. To give it that extra push toward the "wow" end of the spectrum, we added a cheetah print horn clutch from Vince Camuto that gives it a whole new different dimension to the outfit. This time, we added a vintage Chanel pendant necklace for extra bling, while keeping the arms relatively simple with a 3-bracelet armparty on one arm, and a wrap watch on the other arm. Finishing off with light purple-pink ankle strap heels, this is a must-try outfit for the summer.

Lips: Cha cha tint in sheer mango // Benefit

The school bell has rung and you're in a mad dash to get out of your house and off to work/school/wherever. This is the effortless chic look that every girl needs in her closet. The white basic with a school-girl-esque suspender high-waisted skirt is not only easy to put on, but easy to style as well. If you're in a hurry, put on one simple watch, a cool crystal pendant necklace, a pair of black gold earrings, and a plethora of rings. Since we were going for the school-girl look, we dressed it up (or down, however you see it) with a pair of mid heels clogs/oxfords. To tie in the wooden part of the shoes with the rest of the outfit, we brought on a camel brown bag to round out that camel brown, which also coincides with the gold accessories. Our style guides are not only a sight for sore eyes and extremely informative, but also are the perfect guide to help you achieve that effortless chic look without ever breaking into a fashion panic.

Mixing metals is an art of trade that not many of us have mastered yet, so here is a cool way to help you become the sensei of fashion arts. The collared shirt is the perfect medium for a tie, so we chose a necklace that has a lapis stone shaped like a tie! We kept the color scheme fairly monotonous so that we can mix different metals. Tip for how to mix metals: BALANCE IT OUT!! Use white as the balance to bring in both gold and silver. Also, if you have colored accessories that match your outfit, use that to help tie everything in together, like this blue satchel handbag from Vince Camuto.

We've gone through sophisticated to school-girly, so we MUST go through edgy in our style guide, so here is our edgy take on the versatile white shirt. We paired it with one of our best selling vegan leather weave skirt that is not only form fitting, but also very figure flattering. We thought these amazingly gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti caged heels were to die for and looked perfect with the weave skirt. The gold-plated cage of the heels set the golden standard when it came to the accessories. The layered necklace from Venessa Arizaga is both sophisticated and young at heart in its choice of pendants and stones. It even has a gold teddy bear pendant! Its great for toning down the edginess of the outfit because we vamped it up with plum red lipstick and deep purple nails, with a green clutch as a contrast that makes this a spring/summer look. We went heavy on the accessories with an armparty consisting of spikes, gold, white, and skulls. Since there's so much on the arms and neck, we kept your fingers and ears simple with two rings, and a pair of skull earring studs. Whether you go out for a lunch date or for a night-out, this is thee best look to make use of your plain white shirt.

So we got back to the basics not only in terms of using a white shirt, but also on how to accessorize (read more here). If you could take anything out of our style guides, it should be a sense of confidence to experiment with different colors and create interesting contrasts. Adding color to a simple white shirt is like adding salt when you're cooking. Add too much, and you get too salty. Add too little, and it's bland. But add a few herbs here and there, and you really kick it up a notch and add a completely new flavor profile to the mix. (Thank you Emeril for that catch phrase.)

Overall, our style guides are not here to tell you that you're dressing wrong or that you need to buy expensive designer goods to make your outfits look spectacular (even though they actually do). We're here to tell you and encourage you all to try new things; to try new colors, and be a bolder, more confident version of you.

We hope that you have enjoyed our style guides and that you're getting ready for your weekend on this lovely Thursday afternoon.
And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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